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What to See in Kampung Arab SunanAmpel

It is actually such a very nice idea for you to visit Kampung Arab SunanAmpel when you come to Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The reason why you have to come to this place is because it can give you the opportunity to find out the cultures of the traditions of the Arabian community who lives in the city. Besides, this village has so many awesome places that suit you every time you look for what to see in kampungarabSunanAmpel. Then, are you so curious about what those places really are? If you are, it is so recommended for you to figure them out below.

Thus, here are some of the great places of what to see in kampungarab SunanAmpel for sure, which are like:

  • The tomb of SunanAmpel

The first nice place that you have to see when you come to Kampung Arab SunanAmpel is the tomb of SunanAmpel who is known well as one of WaliSongothat spread and taught the religion of Islam in Java Island. That is the main reason why this place can be defined as best destination that you have go to when you want to get the more religious experiences. Well, there are so many people who visit this village in order to pray SunanAmpel every single day. So, it is no wonder if you can find so many merchants that can offer you so many various things such as perfumes, clothes, and even souvenirs and accessories. It means that you will never have any problems when you want to get the most suitable gifts for your family and close friends.

  • The old Arabian themed buildings

Furthermore, the second place that you have to see when you when you go to Kampung Arab SunanAmpel in Surabaya is the old Arabian themes buildings. Those particular building was actually built during the 1810s. All of them can last for quite long time and also show you the distinctive and unique designs that you will amaze so much. So then, you have to make sure that you will never miss this site when you have a vacation in Surabaya City.

  • The Arabian restaurants

Moreover, the other place that you have to check when you visit Kampung Arab SunanAmpel is the Arabian restaurant. There are actually so many options of the Arabic restaurants that can provide you the delicious Arabian food and drink which can be like Kebuli Rice, Samosa. Arabian Coffee, and many more still. So, all you need to do is to choose one of them that can suit your taste and make your eating time more special.

In conclusion, those are several places of what to see in kampung Arab SunanAmpel Surabaya. All of them will not only give you the chance to have fun, but also the religious activity for the more peaceful life. So, it will never be something you will regret to make this village one of the destination of your vacation in the city.

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