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Tourist Attractions in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of the most popular Resort Cities in The United States of America. Palm Springs is located in the Riverside County of Coachella Valley. This famous Resort City is situated in the busy state of California which is one of the most populous states in the country. Home to the Major trendsetters in Culture, Innovation and Politics, California is a global trendsetter. The incredible fact is that the place is one of the unique tourist destinations and also provides easily accessible cheap homes for rent in Palm Springs, which is affordable too.

Here are some of the must-visit tourist locations in Palm Springs

  1. Palm Springs Air Museum: Palm Springs Air Museum is one of its kinds. The Palm Spring houses a huge collection of Aircrafts from the Second World War and the Korean, Vietnam wars. Besides being compact they display a huge array of components and you will be able to complete viewing the entire Museum in a short period of time. A must visit spot for an Engineer couple and geeks. Military Personnel and children under the age of 6 receive a free entry pass here.
  2. Palm Canyon: This is the location from where the city gets its name. The picturesque Canyons stretching over a length of 15 miles is one of the spots frequented by people who love hiking. The oasis and the Waterfalls add to the beauty of this location. The trading post offers an array of items including Indian Art and Souvenirs too. The number of Palm trees in this region is so high that they decided to name the Canyon and the Resort City after it.
  3. Living Desert Zoo: The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is one of the unique tourist location. There are clever guys who have made the desert enjoyable as opposed to the usual dry desert where the temperature is soaring high. The Zoo features a variety of animals which includes the Zebra, Hyenas, Giraffes and some members of the Cat family. It is advised to take the trip sometime before the heat sets in so that you will find the animals in their calm and relaxed state. Wildlife shows and Guided tours are also organized here to get the best experience possible.
  4. Mount San Jacinto: There is an Aerial tramway located on Mount San Jacinto. Lying at the height of 10,000 feet above ground level this is one of the best possible ways to get some aerial Photographs clicked. At the other end lies a State-run Interpretation center where a video of the Construction of the Tramway is shown. Mount San Jacinto is one of the popular locations for Hiking and has got an amazingly beautiful dense Pine Forest. This is the location you need to visit if you want to have a gross look of all the Palm Trees in the Resort City. This is also a pretty good location to escape the heat.

Palm Springs is one the unique Resort Cities. It is a perfect combination of a desert and a resort which is one of the finest holiday destination ideas of the rare combinations of Nature.

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