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Samantha Pouls- An Emerging Potential Filmmaker and Writer

Entertainment industry seems quite attractive to most of the people due to its diverse genres and categories. Every person has its own interest, some likes music and singing; some are passionate towards acting and writing etc. A successful Filmmaker or an actor is not born with filmmaking and acting skills, instead the same nurtured through parenting and other lessons taught in a family. However, not all parents allow their children to follow their dreams and interests especially when it is related to entertainment industry which is really very depressing. Thus, parents should always motivate their children to pursue their talents.

One such young and popular amateur filmmaker who has been allowed to follow her dreams by her mother and family is Samantha Pouls.This young, lively and generous girl is a new addition to the entertainment industry. Samantha is presently studying in junior high school and has passion for writing and filmmaking. She enjoys listening to music, writing about music world, book reviews etc. Being an active blogger like her mother Sheryl Pouls, Samantha shares her views on filmmaking and entertainment industry etc. in her blogs.

Samantha is successfully pursuing her dreams and interests only because of her mother Sheryl Pouls who teaches her daughter to live life in a way that she wants to be.Sheryl always motivated and encouraged Samantha in her field of interests and gave her an environment that is full of culture, art, music etc. Amanda Pouls is Samantha’s younger sister who is an 8th grade student. She had a passion for music and dance.

Samantha has also made an appearance on a famous TV show where she demonstrates her love for fashion, style, charity.

Samantha Poulshas already started showing efforts to be a successful filmmaker. She experiments and practice filmmaking in Junior high.

This enthusiastic teen possesses all qualities of a good producer, writer and filmmaker. Moreover for the same, she remains active on twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. On these social sites, Samantha shares her film making experience, tips with other amateur filmmakers and try to learn new things from them also.

In order to become an excellent and successful filmmaker, Samantha needs to be patient so as to deliver a quality work; that’s what she is doing while completing her studies.She is learning writing and filmmaking skills through internet and other means as well as sharing her views with her fans.

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