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Why is Industrial Humidity Control so important?

We all come into consensus that the need for industrial humidity control is inarguably clear. Humidity control is not important for industries alone. It is also equally important for virtually all other living spaces. After all, why should we take care of our factories and warehouses if we do not take any care of the places that we live in.

Let us now delve deeper into the question of why this humidity control for industrial purposes actually is such a great deal.

To start with, excess relative humidity can sponsor condensation of water on surfaces. This consequently causes corrosion and growth of fungi. This compromises the strength of buildings. This not only causes damage to buildings but can also increase accidents since one may slip.

Humidity above or below optimum may also cause damage on materials that have already being manufactured and stored. This situation also causes compromise in the reliability of machinery and other equipment. This is very likely to disrupt a manufacturing process. This again shows just how important it is to regulate industrial humidity.

Low relative humidity in living spaces as well as industries interferes with the well-being of individuals. People in such environments may suffer itchy and dry eyes as well as drying out of respiratory surfaces. Dehydration is also a possibility. Poor control of relative humidity can also cause pollution in buildings, allergic reactions etc.

Low relative humidity in the timber industry will cause timber to dry out fast, shrink or even crack. When it comes to the paper industry, low humidity is linked with frequent paper jams significantly slowing production.

In the textile industry, Weaving and spinning machines become brittle if relative humidity goes below optimum. This increases risk of breakages which can consequently disrupt the production process.

Apart from the above mentioned, low humidity levels are bad news for theatre and performing arts. Artists and performers may suffer dry mouths and vocal annoyances. In fact, even the audience will not be comfortable under such conditions. No wonder theaters invest so much in humidity control systems.

Hatcheries have established themselves as very profitable businesses. All players in the hatchery business understand just how vital optimum humidity is to their businesses. Humidity can affect the egg shell strength, hatching rates and also maturity.

Apart from the above discussed importance that bear more of financial profitability, correct humidity levels are inarguably good news for all. You will not enjoy sitting in a room whose temperatures resembles that in an oven. At the same time, you will not be comfortable relaxing in a room which is as cold as a refrigerator. You will be best settled in an environment with the ideal humidity.

Sleep is greatly contributed to by correct humidity levels. No wonder there are even specified optimum temperature sleeping ranges. There is indeed a whole range of reasons to delve into this deep subject of humidity and it’s control. There is so much to discover, so much to learn and so much to gain. What are you waiting for!

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