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Different Varieties of Humidification Systems Used For Industrial Purposes

The maintenance of humidity in the surrounding environment is very essential not only in daily domestic life, but also for the smooth growth in many industrial sectors. Low humidity in the air dries up all inanimate objects and even human skins, leading to the consequent damage of these things. As the natural humidity generally depends on the seasonal climates, artificial humidification is needed for keeping the required humidity level in a place. Therefore, various types of humidification systems are now widely utilized for retaining the natural moisture of all types of materials.

Types of humidification systems available for commercial uses

  • Automotive system of humidification is widely used in all automobile companies, because this machinery maintains the moisture level of all the painted automotive parts, thus saving these painted surfaces from cracking up due to low humidity content. The technology of this system also decreases the amounts of dust from the surrounding air, for protecting the storage spaces of the manufactured vehicles.
  • Cold storage humidification process is applied for the safeguard of the food products kept in the cold storage, so that the presence of moisture does not warm up the atmospheric air that otherwise may spoil the food qualities. This machine also prevents the condensation of the cool air, which could result in loss of moisture from the surrounding air. Thus, the financial loss of the owners of cold storage is totally prevented by the installation of this useful machinery of humidification.
  • Humidification of the barrel and cask storage in winery industry is essential for preventing the dryness of the wooden barrels; because the dry wood can absorb certain amount of wine to regain its normal humidity content, resulting in financial loss for the owners of these wineries. The humidification machine adds moisture to the surrounding air and prevents this loss of wine up to 50% of the normal absorption.
  • The ultrasonic fogging type of humidification process is used for cooling the surrounding atmosphere of the bakery by adding up to 80% moisture into the air, for increasing the productivity of the bakery mechanism. A specific kind of humidification machinery makes the fermentation of the dough speedier in the bakeries, by increasing the humidity of the air.
  • Certain type of humidification process is meant for increasing the water content in the foods of the cold storage or the bakery products, to prevent them from getting dried up or for stopping the loss of weight due to dehydration.
  • The efficiency of a definite type of humidification machine is used in the printing industry, to stop the papers from getting curled or cracked due to the excessive dryness of the air. The reduction of dust in the air caused by these humidification systems is also useful for the easy maintenance of the printing machines and thus, lesser expense needed for running a printing company.

Though different models of humidification machines are used for distinct purposes; the basic function is same in all these models and that is for supplying sufficient moisture into the air of the room, wherever they are installed.

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