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7 Delicious recipes you can make with paneer

7 Delicious recipes you can make with paneer

Cottage cheese is a very healthy ingredient and is a major thing in vegetarian cooking in India. It is a dairy product and it has a good amount of calcium content in it, as a result, it is a good thing for health as well.

PaneerKathi Roll

If you are hungry in the evening and want to minimise your stomach pangs, then this roll can come to your rescue. If you are making it at home, then try to use some milk while making the dough and do avoid oil. This makes the roll healthier. Marinate the paneer in some curd and masala for an hour and then sauté it before making it the roll filling. This tastes amazing.


These can also be easily made at home and one does not need a tandoor at home for that. You just need to have a microwave. Take some juicy paneer dices and mix them with proper masalas and then grill them in the microwave. This can be a lovely starter if you are having a party at home.


If you are fond of cottage cheese or paneer then you can make some lovely snack items out of them. Cottage cheese is also very healthy and so it will be good for your health as well. Take some paneer cubes and make a batter with some cumin seeds and chilli powder. Fry them well. It is good ideas to pan fry them as they need less oil.


If you are having a get together at home and you need some lovely starters then this can be an option. You need to garnish the paneer in some coconut and cardamom along with some coriander, chilli paste and cinnamon. Serve them hot and your guests will love it.

Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

Here, one needs to use some black pepper so that it can bring the twist in the dish. When the preparation is done, they are supposed to be cooked in very creamy and soft gravy along with some mild spices. Also add some cream to make it softer. If you are conscious about your health, then do not use the cream.

PaneerBhurji with KasuriMethi

Be it evening snack or a morning breakfast, this can totally fit the bill. The best part is, you can make it when you are having your friends over at your house. This is a major crowd puller. Shred the paneer slab and then fry them in oil with some green chillies, tomatoes and fenugreeks. You can have them with parathas or breads. It tastes amazing.


If you are looking for matarpaneer recipe in Hindi, you will see that a lot of green peas are needed to cook this dish. In winter, green peas are available in abundance and thus it is a popular dish in this season. One can add some onion and garlic paste to make this dish rich.

Try these at home and enjoy.

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